Marci Bykat

Top left to right: 

'Sweet Pie' Pie plate
'Savannah Plate'
'Soy and Ash Dish'
'Wicker Plate'
Second row from top:

'Cross and Scratch Mug'
'Counting the days Mugs in Different Sizes'
'Black and White mini vases'
'Black Earth and Moon Jar'

Third row from top:

'India Ink and Verde Bowl'
'Small Hands, Small Bowls'
'Cream and Ice Bowls',
'India Ink Drawing Mugs'

Fourth row from top:

'Cross and Scratch Mugs'
'Plate with Scratch'
'Shiny Cross and Scratch Bowl'
'Ash and Scratch Bowl'

Bottom row:

'Whiskey cups, with Indented Sides'
'Morning Dew Bowl'
'Cross and Scratch Vase 1'
'Cross and Scratch Vase 2'

All orders are considered commissions and therefore are custom orders. Prices start at $30. Please email
for details about individual pieces and pricing.



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